modelling of sesamoid bone development

My research in the Structure and Motion Laboratory at the RVC was part of a grant studying the evolution and development of sesamoid bones in vertebrates, led by Prof John Hutchinson. I studied the knee joint of ostriches in order to gain insight into how and why their knee sesamoids (i.e. patellae) develop. This project began with a detailed anatomical study of all muscles, bones, tissues, and ligaments surrounding the knee. I then used this information to build FEA models to see if growth algorithms could explain their unique morphology.

I’ve presented two posters for this project, at SEB2014 and EB2015.

The first paper for this project was an anatomical study, published in PeerJ.

The second paper for this project was a finite element analysis modelling study, published in Royal Society Open Science.

For more about sesamoid projects led by John Hutchinson, see his blog.


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